Volunteer Program India

Dinu Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, it is pioneered in research and development of machines has a field of experience in teaching for more than a decade to the college students, school students.

Dinu Technology initially started its volunteer service program to improve the education standards for village people. Later we realize every person needs a change in life in order to release their stress or achieves their goals in life. This program is designed for student, career break or sabbatical career break professionals to bring a change in their life stages

Volunteer service is specially designed to spend quality lifetime. Here is an interesting fact, Pack your bags for the volunteer services in India where you will get a unique experience in the Natural Agriculture fields, Medical Services, School Services. Pay less to get more inspiring experience about the culture and heritage of India that may lead you to achieve your goals of life.

Gap Year is a constructive break to pursue own goals of the students to find a future path for their career or a degree they would like to choose. This would be a prepared year for students graduating from high schools to university. For students Dinu Technology will provide the certifications that would be added as a credit to the students.
Career break is taking a period of time by giving resignation from the stressful working environment that will provide them a space of time to be prepared to a new environment and job. Refreshing and bringing them will improve their skills.
Sabbatical period is a period away from the work with the permission of employers this will help the employee safely return to their same jobs. The employees will overwhelm to work in the upcoming years.

special volunteer service program

Current Volunteer Program

Currently our special volunteer service program takes initiatives to support the government school students perceiving their education, sports and other curricular and co-curricular activities.


Organizer of this program is Dinu Technology.


  • Bullet IconTEFL or TOFEL or Qualified Professional in English language teaching.
  • Or
  • Bullet IconWorking in an Organization during their Career Break or sabbaticals.
  • Or
  • Bullet IconCompleted their UG Degree.


Mainly our projects are located in Tamil Nadu India.

Project Long Lasting

Minimum period - At least 3 months

Maximum Period- 6 Months

Project Opening

July 2018


Dinu Technology will provide the certification.


Teaching English

Skill Based Training

New Technology Operations in Education Field


General Knowledge

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