Textile Product

Tex-O-Mist For Bale Plucker Machine

Tex-O-Mist is a special purpose machine designed by Dinu Technology for the textile industry to be fitted with the vertical type bale plucker or the rotary type bale plucker for constant mist sprayer application. The mist sprayer enhances the moisture content in the cotton bale before being picked up by the plucker for further processing.

Tex-O-Mist Bale Plucker Maching
Tex-O-Mist Bale Plucker Maching
Tex-O-Mist Bale Plucker Maching
Tex-O-Mist Bale Plucker Maching
Description Fully Automated Variant Semi Automated Variant Standard Variant
Suitable for
Vertical and Rotary type bale plucker
Tank Capacity 50 Litres 50 Litres 25 Litres
Nozzle Type Adjustable type mist sprayer
Number of Nozzles Min. 2 nozzles for spray, customizable based on machine size
Fluid Level Indicator Yes Yes No
Constant spray pressure Assured Regulated No
Fluid Refilling process Automated Manual Manual
Critical fluid level indication Yes with sound alarm Yes with sound alarm No
Auto cut off on unavailability Yes Yes Yes
Input Power
Voltage 230 V
Watts 350 Watts
Frequency 50 Hz

Tex-o-mist sprays the water like mist on the cotton to maintain the moisture condition; it can be used in textiles wherever the humidity plays the major role in the textile Industry.

Nitra - Dinu Advanced Electronic Drape meter

This Electronic Drape meter is used in the areas of fabric processors, garment and home textile manufacturers and commercial testing laboratories.

North Indian Research Association and Dinu Technology join hands together for this machine. Dinu Technology is manufacturing NITRA- Dinu Advanced Electronic Drape meter with the help of advanced Vision Systems. To measure and calculate the coefficient of fabric drape using image processing techniques. It can be used to test the drape property of all kinds of fabrics.

Dinu Technology in association with NITRA, has jointly developed the "NITRA - Dinu Advanced Electronic Drape Meter" for commercial use. This Drape Meter uses advanced image analysis techniques to measure the drape coefficient. Also they measured static & dynamic drape coefficient and other drape related properties.

This NITRA - Dinu Advanced Electronic drape meter comprises a Cusick's Drape meter, a monochromatic or color camera and a computer with image processing software.

Nitra - Dinu Advanced Electronic Drape meter


  • Achieve definitive and measurable confirmation of quality.
  • Enable technology based quality policy.
  • Ensure quality consistency across product line.
  • Accurately measure yarn count, loop length, pick count, and other fabric properties.
  • Upgrade to world class technology for your products and process.
  • Remove Human bias, reduce the testing time
  • Store the result of all the data and exported the results in PDF or text format


The drapability of the fabric is measured by using the basic idea of Cu sick’s drape meter which is used to evaluate the coefficient and number of nodes of fabric drape with the help of image processing techniques and displayed in the software.

This Electronic Drape meter is used in the areas of fabric processing, garment and home textile manufacturing and commercial testing laboratories.

Variant Basic Version Advanced Version Premium Version
Computer Yes Yes Yes
Table Yes Yes Yes
Camera + Software Monochrome Auto Analyser with 3 megapixel Auto Analyser with 10 megapixel
Fabric color variation No Yes Yes
Fabric defects No Yes Yes
Size and width changes No Yes Yes
Edge cutting differences No Yes Yes
Input Power
Voltage 220v Single Phase
Watts 120w
Frequency 50hz
Length 480 mm
Breadth 540 mm
Height 870 mm
Approx. Weight 160 kgs
Testing Capability
Fabric Sample Size 24 to 30 cm
Disk Diameter 18 cm
Report Format PDF


Spin dryer is used to spin dry the small amount of cloth mainly for inspecting the quality of the batch. It can be used in medical textile labs, Napkin manufacturers, Kids wearing manufacturers mainly to inspect the quality of either the raw material or finished material clothes they used.

This model checks the water holding quality of the clothes using spin drying method.

Spin Dryer