Tex-O-Mist is a special purpose machine designed by Dinu Technology for the textile industry to be fitted with the vertical type bale plucker or the rotary type bale plucker for constant mist sprayer application. The mist sprayer enhances the moisture content in the cotton bale before being picked up by the plucker for further processing.

Description Fully Automated Variant Semi Automated Variant Standard Variant
Suitable for
Vertical and Rotary type bale plucker
Tank Capacity 50 Litres 50 Litres 25 Litres
Nozzle Type Adjustable type mist sprayer
Number of Nozzles Min. 2 nozzles for spray, customizable based on machine size
Fluid Level Indicator Yes Yes No
Constant spray pressure Assured Regulated No
Fluid Refilling process Automated Manual Manual
Critical fluid level indication Yes with sound alarm Yes with sound alarm No
Auto cut off on unavailability Yes Yes Yes
Input Power
Voltage 230 V
Watts 350 Watts
Frequency 50 Hz

Tex-o-mist sprays the water like mist on the cotton to maintain the moisture condition; it can be used in textiles wherever the humidity plays the major role in the textile Industry.

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