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Solar Robot Panel Cleaner System

Quote Sign LeftThe robotic duster is a solar panel system is designed to remove the dust on the solar panel by using fabrics and fibers. Robotic duster system is a customized designed based on region. The robot is mounted on separate array and moves on array at the time of operation. Product can increase the efficiency by cleaning the solar panel.

This dusting process with minimum or without water; the robot is self power and draws power from batteries. These batteries can recharge its energy by a solar panel. The cleaning is done on a daily basis at the pre set time.Quote Right


Quote Sign LeftFully Automated - Two fibres fitted and fully controlled.Quote Right

Quote Sign LeftCleaning system fitted with motors for free Horizontal and vertical movement. Quote Right

Quote Sign LeftCorrosion resistance is high for the motors.Quote Right

Quote Sign LeftDesigned according to the region. Quote Right


  • Aerodynamics design
  • Wheel Spring adjustable function
  • Fabric cloth adjustable system
  • Rain Probability sensor
  • Air Velocity Sensible System
  • Dust sensor
  • GPS and Mobile Access Method
  • Ease mode of Fault find and rectify system in PCB slot
  • Advanced Motor,
  • Frictionless and Smooth function
Type of Machine Linear Cleaning With Self Power Charge
Duty cycle 2 mtr / per min
Controller Advanced Control System
Operating Method Remote RF (15mtr) / LCD Screen ( 7 Segment Display )
Motor drive Horizontal - 40W , Vertical- 60W, Cleaning - 60W (PMDC geared motors)
Cleaning Method Rotation with Fiber Cloth
Cloth Touch on glass 4mm to 10mm ( Depends on Table Structure )
Height of machine from Table 70mm to 100
M.O.C Aluminium / SS304 / MS nickel Coating
Finishing Powder Coated
Power Supply 24 v dc / Self Charge
Machine Dimensions L x W x H : 5330mm x 2460mm x 716mm
Machine Weight 75 kg ( Apporx )

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