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Palm Jaggery

Made from the Sap of the palm tree, palm jaggery also know has karuppati in tamil nadu is a better alternative of sugar given to us by mother nature and delivered by the plam community people. Filled with iron, magnesium and calcium. Palm jaggery has several health benefits. It is proven to cure anemia and bone related disorders

Palm Sugar

Palm sugar which is also obtained from sap of palm tree. Is a natural alternative for maple syrup. It is know as nolen gur which means natural sugar. Because it doesnt have any harmful chemicals. 

Palm Syrup

Palm syrup is a natural sweet syrup that comes has a by product from the the palm sap. which is hevaily nutrisious and easily observed by the human body. It has minerals like iorn, Zinc and magnesium.


Palm Straw Hats

Hats made from the straws of palm leaves. It naturals removes the heat from your head which allows to keep your head cool on a sunny day or at a beach or during trekking. It is highly durable and keeps it shape. It protects your head from UV rays.


Palm Straw Basket

The straws from the palm trees are twined together to make this highly durable baskets. You can use them to naturaly increse the life time of the food that you have kept in it. It also decorates your dining table. You could also store grains and cereals in it. It can prevent insects from entering in.