Dinu Technology in association with Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women has jointly developed and patented the palm sugar processing machine along with its processes. This machine has been developed as a result of 5 years of continuous research efforts by the team of scientists in the field of food and Nutrition.

The advanced palm sugar processing machine ensures consistent world class quality palm based food products like palm jaggery, sugar, crystals and syrup. The standardized production and operation process is completely controlled and automated with advanced systems.

Palm Sugar

Palm Jaggery

Palm Syrup

Dinu Technology along with its associates offer complete training and technical support via skill development and consulting programs for the continous production of the export quality palm products right from neera extraction, processing, quality assurance and packaging of the palm.

Since the palm sugar is taken from the palm variety Borassus Flabellifer, deep research going for the other palm tree varities.

Recently Dinu Technology involved in a research of preparing palm sugar from the different varieties palm tree by same process. The machine design is in progress.

Advantages of palm sugar obtained through this Palm processing machine:

  • Achieve continuous, measurable and consistent world class quality palm products like palm sugar, jaggery, syrup.
  • Less labour intensive - reduce hard manual labour to a great extent.
  • Provide continous employment opportunity and contribute to the rural development.
  • Increase production capacity without greatly increasing the input cost.


  • Prevents Anemia, aids in digestion and reduce constipation, Natural Sweetener.
  • Clean food pipe, stomach intestine.
  • High medicinal value in ayurvedic medicines.
  • Provide energy over an extent of period.


Machine Version Major Features Production Capacity per Day
Version 1.1 Palm Sugar Extraction machine 50 kgs
Version 1.2 Palm Sugar Extraction machine 100 kgs
Version 1.3 Palm Sugar Extraction machine 250 kgs
Version 2 Palm sugar processing machine 650 kgs
Version 3 Palm sugar processing machine 650 kgs
Version 4 Same as version 3 (Capacity per 8 hour shift) 1000 kgs
Version 5 Fully automated hi-speed version (Capacity per 8 hour shift) 3000 kgs

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