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The Story

I have travelled to a village where I met a community of people who were striken by poverty and 3 meals in a day is boon which will happen once in a year or it won’t even happen at all, these community of people were dependent on Palmyra tree as their source of income. The toddy or neera collected from the palm trees has been processed in to jaggery and palm sugar.. At that time we know that it would be a long processing days to see the end product.. We were well prepared and we carried packed lunch with us. We saw a palm tree climber there and he was so pale and starving. So,I decided to let him have my lunch. After he looked into my eyes and expressed his grattitude. The look said a whole story about his sufferings Which filled my eyes with tears. From that moment, I have decided to change their life. The people belonging to this community have no other source of income. Which led us to the creation of palm neera processing plant.



saving the palm trees and community dependent on palm based products through our palm crystallizer.


mission to uplift the palm industry through technology and creating a strong livelihood for the people.


Our expert team of researchers would help you to sort out all problems. And find the perfect solution for your problem. And our engineer team creates the equipments that solves the problem. As a expertise teams we are on the quest for unique problems that can be solved with the help of technology and science.