Pros in Industrial

How it helps industry owner?

Implementing our palm crystalizer in your palm production will increase the effficiency of your production unit. Not only efficiency it has more pros than that. Have a look into the pros of our palm crystalizer.

Healthy and natural

Reduced processing time

Powered by electricity

very minimum Manpower

Vitamins preserved

Labour are Free from

Labours face many problems in preparation of palm sugar from the palm tree extract. Due to which their efficiency at work gets affected. It also leads to various other problems that affects their life Span. Our palm crystalizer is made to free the labours from such problems. 

The people who are engaged in traditional jaggery production of converting neera liquid in to jaggery has been exposed to intense vapour which has been continuosly evaporated from that boiling vessel. It takes longer time period for the complete evaporation of neera liquid in to a viscous liquid which is suitable for producing jaggery. People have been prone to


A condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow and swell and produce extra mucus, which makes it difficult to breathe. The humid vapours of neera will make the respiratory tract to retain moisture and produce more mucus and results in narrowing of the respiratory tract.


The high temperature steam which also enters in to respiratory tract of the person which will have myco bacterium tuberculosis which results in infection of lungs leads to tuberculosis coughing, chest pain and high mucus results in difficulty in breathing.

Loss of Hearing

The vapours which has been passed in to the ears has been reaching out the ear drum and causes a moisture inside the ear drum and prolonged exposure results in the hearing impairment in the ear. Over the period of time, the person will also lose his complete hearing capacity.

Eye Cataract

The continuous exposure to the vapours of neera, the steamed vapours has been affecting the eye layers of the person who has been standing near the pot for many hours, the prolonged exposure results in cataract formation which results in losing of eye vision gradually.

Sense of smell

The prolonged inhalation of vapors affects the olfactory sense and buds of our nose, the most sensitive sense is the olfactory sense which will have sensitive stimuli nerve messengers which will pass on the info to the brain. The stimuli will gradually lose its sensitiveness because of high-temperature vapour.

Skin damage

The epidermis also contains cells that produce melanin, which gives skin its color. The epidermis is responsible for the look and health of the skin and it holds a large amount of water. Skin holds almost 5% of body water to balance the atmospheric pressure and moisture with the internal body pressure. The epidermis also results in melanin production, the skin is literally is made up of numerous pores for secretion of sweat and other bodily fluid removal. The exposure to the high temperature vapours makes the skin dehydrated and parched.

Free from smoke

While during neera vaporization process, intense heat is needed from 100 to 120 degree Celsius for converting in to palm sugar and other palm based products. In the traditional process, lot of firewood has been used to heat up the extract which results in dense fumes and shoot carbon emission from the fire, these smokes will enter in to the respiratory canal and causes respiratory disorders.

Muscle Damage

The intense vapours and prolonged work during neera conversion process makes the person loses all the water from the epidermis of his/her skin, at a point of time, skin loses all the water and it starts the affects the muscle and muscle fibres.