Car Wash

Central Inflation System

Central Inflation system will safe guards the vehicle during travel and have high performance of mobility for the vehicles in different terrains. This ensures the reliability moreover save the exhaustion of fuels. Central Inflation system enables with the tires will monitor the air pressure over all the tires in the vehicle and maintains the air pressure. During slow leakage of air in the tires the user can set the air pressure.

The Inflation System comprises wheel valves that connected to the wheels. Control Unit to process the command and Sensors to analyse the speed of the vehicles to prevent the tire surface damages.

High-Pressure less Portable Vehicle Washing System

Vehicle Washer is a sophisticated spraying technology used to remove grime, dust, mud, and dirt from vehicle surface. The advanced pump and nozzle technology ensure the superior performance and long lasting serive life. This technology consumes limited amount of water to save the water consumption.

High ease of handling and consistent approach for cleaning vehicle. Dynamic Performance, High Pressure, Minimized water Usage, Compact Size, Energy efficient, Portable ligh weight, Safety Technology for all four wheels and two wheels.

Car Wash
Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Pump Length 175 mm
Pump Width 75 mm
Weight 500 g


  • Automatic cut off
  • Small in size
  • User friendly
  • In built model

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